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About us

Our Mission

Griffin Homes is passionate about delivering an exceptional building and buying experience to you by using quality products and experienced crafts people/workers along with close, personal attention by the leadership. 

Our Team

Betty Griffin is the President and licensed contractor for Griffin Homes, and is a licensed Realtor with B.H.S.S. Ambassador Real State Company. Betty has concentrated in new home construction sales for over 30 years, and is especially involved in the design and selections of Griffin Homes.

Corky East runs the job sites and has built thousands of homes over the span of his career. Corky started framing houses at the age of 16 and has 40+ years as a general contractor of residential home construction. He is definitely a “hands-on” builder and great at scheduling the jobs. He is not hesitant to meet with and call homebuyers. Unlike a lot of builders, you will have Corky’s and Betty’s cell phone numbers to help with better communication and, thus, a smoother process.

Mitch Griffin is a licensed Realtor with B.H.S.S. Ambassador Real State Company and “mans” the model homes and the home sales side of the operation. For home buyers that don’t already have an agent, Mitch helps with listing their homes that need to sell in order to close on their new Griffin Home. In this capacity, he also coordinates Griffin Homes Guaranteed Buy-Out Program.

In a nutshell, Griffin Homes is a great team dedicated to making your home buying experience enjoyable by providing a well built and designed home and treating each home buyer as an individual and not just another number.

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